How do you participate with SCC during this time?


  • In-Person or Live-Streamed Services, Sunday's 10:30a
  • Sunday School Classes.  Some in-person classes have resumed, zoom available for others.  Sunday's, 9:30a. 



Lets start with who should NOT attend?  Click here

What about Masks? Masks/Face coverings are recommended for adults and children 11 years or older when entering the church building (unless you have an exemption) and especially when social distancing guidelines (6 ft) cannot be maintained.   Masks are provided as you enter the church, but we encourage you to bring your own due to potential availablility issues.  

  • Face coverings for children under 10 years are optional
  • Face coverings for children under 2 years old are prohibited by CDC guidelines

What about Physical Distancing? Maintaining a Physical distance of at least 6 feet from others who are not part of your household is strongly encouraged.  

Has the seating changed?  Rows have been spaced at least 6 feet apart. We ask that you only sit with those who are part of your household and leave 4 chairs between you and the next household (or an aisle)

Is Hand Sanitizer available?  A station is setup as you enter/exit the building and at other locations in the church building.   Due to potential availability issues, it is recommended you bring your own just in case.  

What about Kids?  Child care is not avilable at this time.  However, kids of all ages are encouraged to attend the service with their parents.  We welcome the extra noise!   At times we will continue to have Children's Church when we have enough support.  

Above all, Strive for Unity: Some in the church will have very similiar ideas to you about the reopening process.  Others will likely feel very different, and others arent sure quite what to think.  Find how you can help nuture unity during this time and remember those who are suffering among you.  Stay Gospel Centered, and Focus on Others.  

Is there anyway I can help right  now?   YES!  Click here:    Missional Living in a COVID-19 Pandemic